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Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit's Lawyer Receives Update

Don't expect much though

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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After some time of relatively no public updates, the ongoing lawsuit surrounding Chronicles of Elyria has an update, albeit brief.

The update was posted over on the lawsuit’s official Discord channel and arrives from the lawyer regarding responses to their pre-litigation paper. The messages states,

“From the lawyer:

We have received two letters that responded to our pre-litigation letter.  They were from the lawyers who represent Soulbound Studios and Xsolla.  We are gauging their interest in resolving this matter pre-litigation.  Yet I’m quite confident we will need to file the complaint.  Thank you all for your patience. @everyone”

The previous update was when those pre-litigation papers were filed. Here’s an excerpt from that letter,

“Soulbound purported to develop the game, Chronicles of Elyria (hereinafter “CoE”), and induced a following of approximately 250,000 community members.  It generated in excess of $8 million in  total  sales  for  the  game.    Mr.  Falls  individually  has  spent  more  than  $20,000  towards  CoE’s  development.  To date, Soulbound has little or nothing to show its consumers, and investors, for their money.”


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