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Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit Provides Lengthy Update of Status

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a lengthy update on the official Discord, the class action lawsuit for Chronicles of Elyria claims that Xsolla are not honoring refund requests.

The post discusses how they recommend pursuing a refund through Xsolla because the final number of purchases of Chronicles of Elyria were made during the final three months of Soulbound Studios being in operation. However, they state how they’ve been in communication with Xsolla for the past several months, but,

“Despite CONSTANT and CONSISTENT communication over the past 3-4 months with Xsolla, they have continuously made excuses and hid behind the worst customer service I've personally ever seen a company fall back on. One need only look through the myriad of screenshots shared in the #refund-status channel to see the stone-walling Xsolla has resorted to time and time again in direct defiance of both their own rules and regulations, and the law itself.”

The post continues, citing a potential workaround for a case for “blatant refusal” to follow their own rules,

“If you've attempted to claim a refund from Xsolla and have been shrugged off or stonewalled for longer than 45 days, I ask that you take to whatever social media platform you prefer and begin speaking about your experience with this company…At this point, I believe this to be our last viable fallback unless new information or potential avenues present themselves to us. Any help or action we get on this front betters our chances of a positive outcome for us, or at the very least, a very firm warning for any others who would follow in our footsteps.”


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