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Chronicles of Elyria Lawsuit Files Complaint

Four causes of action listed

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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In the latest update in the ongoing Chronicles of Elyria lawsuit, a complaint has now been filed with the District Court.

Previously, the declaration for refund was presented, news of which was shared on the lawsuit’s Discord. It said in part,

“Regardless of the state of the game (as alluded to by Jeromy in his recent updates) the lawsuit will go forward. This will likely get us access to a lot more behind the scenes information about the true status of the game.”

This latest posting in Discord provides an update that a complaint has been filed with the District Court. You can in fact read the complaint in its entirety by checking out the PDF shared on the Discord post. The actual complaint is lengthy and full of legal jargon.

Taking a cursory glance, however, sees the complaint list several causes of action including breach of contract, Violation of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, unfair competition, and declaratory relief. It seems the end is not in sight for this lawsuit.

With respect to the game, a second update was issued regarding development. This one talked about layoffs, COVID, and more.


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