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Chronicles of Elyria Issues Second Update on Development Discussing Layoffs, COVID, More


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Soulbound Studios has published Episode 2 of their Inside Chronicles of Elyria series, providing more insight into development.

In this second episode, CEO Jeromy Walsh provides clarity on where the game is heading, and how development is continuing. Episode 1 dealt with early development, “past difficulties encountered”, plus more. In this second episode, Walsh discusses the impact layoffs had on development, the ongoing COVID pandemic, and the smaller team’s impact on the roadmap.

If you missed it, you can catch up on SBS updating players on art direction and communication. It discussed the ongoing lawsuit, reasons behind the change in art style, and more. Additionally, you can check out our interview with Jeromy Walsh here.

We asked him about the events of last year, what they’re planning on doing to move forward, legal proceedings, the fallout, and much more. We also pressed him on the perception of the studio being unable to take criticism to which Walsh replied in part,

“I’m sad to hear that there’s such a perception. At Soulbound Studios we believe when developing any game you absolutely must receive and internalize criticism of your product. It’s the only way to recognize your assumptions and find the real fun.”

You can catch his full response and the rest of the interview here.


Poorna Shankar