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Chronicles of Elyria Heads Into Week Three Of Its Kickstarter Anniversary Event

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Soulbound Studios is celebrating its Kickstarter-versary of Chronicles of Elyria with a month long event, and the event is chugging a long with players pushing past each prior week's goals. Shattering the Week 2 goals set up, Soulbound Studios has set forth new goals for players to attain in this week's event.

Chronicles of Elyria players have supported the game with their latest round of pledging, and Soulbound Studios wants to say "thank you." In a new blog post by Serpentius showcasing the latest goals for Week 3, they did just that.

We set goals in front of you and you smashed them ALL! You smashed them hard enough that we literally had to scramble for a set of new goals to challenge you with... and you're busy smashing right through those even as I type this! To say that we're overawed is an understatement. The outpouring of support you have shown Chronicles of Elyria is nothing short of miraculous and there is very little in this world we can hold as dear. Our gratitude is inexpressible, but please accept a very humble and awed THANK YOU from all of us at Soulbound Studios.

One way the team is saying "thank you" to its players is that everyone who has a full paid-off pledge will get an additional gift, a Drasean Tea set. As players have overtaken 12 of the 14 goals in two weeks, there are only two left to go: the Volcanic Ecotope and Adventure Islands. 

Additionally, this week will see six new items become available in the store, such as a new glider, Woolly Mountain Goat mount, and a trebuchet, among others. Be sure to check out the full post on the Chronicles of Elyria website for the full breakdown of the new items, as well as the goals reached thus far in the Kickstarter-versary. Recently, Chronicles of Elyria faced some uncertainty regarding its Domain & Settlement Selection process, where many players were unable to claim their land as intended. Soulbound Studios will be compensating those affected players with in-store credit as a way to rectify the issue.


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