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Chronicles of Elyria Community Updated with the State of the Game for 2019

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Chronicles of Elyria site has been updated with a lengthy post about the state of Elyria with 2019 well underway. Readers are informed about recent hires, new office space, domain and settlement selection, influence awards for positive contributions to the community, and a forthcoming Q&A. The post also provides a game update that first defines the development philosophy as well as a look at some of the current projects underway.

It's important to note that because of our different approach to game development as well as our procedural and systems driven approach to both gameplay and world building, it's not always easy to show visible forward progress. Sometimes we're focusing heavily on the server, which doesn't show well. Sometimes we're working on stuff that can be visually represented, but we've stopped just far enough into development to validate a mechanic, but not so far as to make it visually appealing to the players. As a result, there are often periods where there is more progress than we can reasonably share without expecting people to look at it and go, "You're not as far along as we thought." In truth, we're probably further; it just isn't obvious due to our development methodologies.

There are a number of systems and features underway that are showcased by "Prelyria" screens and brief videos. The client used for the media is "a low-poly, low-fidelity client" that allows the team to quickly put mechanics into place without focusing on more details graphics that will be present in the game at launch. A number of environments are shown as well as a character shooting a bow, walking into a shop and so forth.

The plan moving forward is to "engage more and more with the community as we quickly build up momentum and unleash the tempest". The underlying promise is that things will not be so quiet. 

"Last year people told us we weren't strong enough to withstand the storm. This year, we are the storm." the post concludes.

It's a lengthy read, so be sure to grab a drink and a comfortable chair before getting started. Head on over to the Chronicles of Elyria site to check it out.


Suzie Ford

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