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Chronicles of Elyria Class-Action Lawsuit Transferred to Western District of Washington

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent development, it seems the current class-action lawsuit against Chronicles of Elyria developer SoulBound Studios has been transferred to the Western District of Washington.

Although the class action suit was filed in February, it was noted recently the case had been transferred to Western Disctrict of Washington,

“United States District Judge Stephen V. Wilson granted defendant Xsolla USA, Inc.’s motion to compel arbitration on July 6 while simultaneously granting Soulbound Studios’ motion to transfer the litigation to the Western District of Washington. The remaining claims against Xsolla, the payment processor Soulbound used for purchases made through its online store, are stayed pending the result of arbitration, according to the minutes of a hearing on the motions.”

You can read the full update here. However, this isn’t the sole development in the saga of Chronicles of Elyria. Originally, the NDA for the alpha of their standalone sim, Kingdoms of Elyria, included a class-action waiver. The group currently spearheading the class-action suit stressed for people to not sign it.

However, the NDA was later changed to apply to any backer which does not necessarily limit the ability of signees to, “pursue a claim, whether as an individual or a member of a class, against Soulbound Studios arising out of, or relating to, or in connection with your use of Soulbound Studios' website or other services not related to the Test."

However, these changes may not go far enough since there is plenty of room that backers could be waiving their rights to a claim against Kingdoms of Elyria.


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