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Chronicles of Elyria Blog Updates Players on Art Direction and Communication

The Chronicles of Chronicles of Elyria

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With the New Year in full swing, SoulBound Studio answers some Chronicles of Elyria questions about what they’ve been working on, and what backers and potential players can expect out of the 2021 development cycle.

The blog was cross posted on the Kickstarter page as a recent update, to keep backers encouraged, in the midst of a current lawsuit aimed at refunding money on Chronicles of Elyria after the game abruptly shut down, and then crept back to an ongoing developmental state after backers went to the Washington Attorney General to find a legal recourse to return their investment.

In the blog, SoulBound Studio talks about the reasons behind the changes to the art style, and when the Discord will finally return (Spoiler, it’s ‘as soon as it makes sense to do so’ ) You can read more on the official blog post


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