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Chronicles of Elyria Blog Post Looks Back on Milestone 1

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, Chronicles of Elyria published a blog post recently taking a look back on Milestone 1 of development. This included things they were able to achieve, and what needs to get pushed to later milestones.

A blog post earlier this month talked about resource gathering and the team’s philosophy on the feature for Kingdoms of Elyria and how that feature will be different from the MMO. The blog noted that the team is taking features of crafting in other MMOs and splitting them to create “depth of trade-skill rather than breadth.” You can read up on that blog post here.

This most recent blog post continues on the Milestone discussion. If you’re wondering what the milestones are, you can take a look at the image halfway down this post. You’ll note Milestone 1 includes 8 different goals:

  • Environment
  • Fog of War
  • Settlement Types and Requirements
  • UI/UX
  • Player Citizens
  • Survival
  • Foraging and Hunting
  • Animal AI

Of those 8 goals, Walsh outlines what the team accomplished and what was missed. It looks like the key wins for Milestone 1 included environment, settlement types, and foraging. However, the remaining five items were either missed or not fully accomplished. This means that several of these goals will be pushed to Milestone 2.

Milestone 2 itself was originally set to include NPC Interaction, NPC AI, and Contracts. But now, it seems like Milestone 2 will be split into two parts having now grown in scope. This now means the first alpha will include all the Milestone 1 work – including that Milestone 1 work which has now moved into Milestone 2 – in addition to the original Milestone 2 work. This alpha is targeting May.

If you haven’t been following the saga that is Chronicles of Elyria, the developers Soulbound Studios announced that it was now focusing its efforts on this standalone Kingdoms of Elyria. Walsh noted in his monthly series that that this KoE development will directly feed development on CoE. Backers will purportedly receive this KoE game as part of their backer package.

All this is against the backdrop of the class-action lawsuit from backers following the announcement that Walsh was closing down Soulbound Studios with CoE ceasing development. That lawsuit has now advanced with the defendants now deciding whether to challenge the complaint.


Poorna Shankar