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Chronicles of Elyria Backers to Participate in Map Voting

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Chronicles of Elyria site has been updated with a post to inform backers who have claimed an Elyrian package or higher that they will be selecting each server's starter continent. Voting will take place over two rounds. Round 1 will allow players to choose the top five maps out of a pool of twenty. Round 2 will see players select which of the five will "contain the starting continent" map.

The Map Voting page will allow you to:

  • Select a server you are interested in voting for
    • Angelica (NA-W)
    • Luna (NA-E)
    • Selene (EU)
    • Oceanus (OCE) has its own unique pool of maps, so they will not participate in Round 1
  • View the gallery of maps available
    • Map images will be reduced in size if you are on mobile
  • Vote using your available votes
    • You can cast any number of votes at a time from your available votes

Voting in Round 1 will begin on October 22nd with players able to vote through November 2nd. Players will be selecting maps based on "geopolitical boundaries and mechanics of the map, not the aesthetics". 

Round 2 will begin on November 5th and run through November 16th and will feature additional details.

You can check out the full information on the Chronicles of Elyria site.


Suzie Ford

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