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Chronicles of Elyria Backers Are Contacting Washington Attorney General For Potential Action

Washington's Attorney General Has A History Of Pursing Kickstarters

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Backers of the now-defunct Kickstarted MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria have taken to many forums to express their displeasure at how the project has been handled. Some backers, however, are taking it a step further and are now contacting the Washington Attorney General's office to lodge formal complaints against Seattle-based Soulbound Studios, the developer behind the project.

To catch you up, two weeks ago Chronicles of Elyria's studio, Soulbound Studios, made the announcement that the MMO was no longer in active development. CEO Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh detailed that due to lack of funding over the course of the last few months and the failure of its Settlers of Elyria event last month, development on the game was shutting down.

Backers of the project have since taken to a special Discord channel set up to discuss a potential class-action lawsuit against the Chronicles of Elyria team for its handling of the Kickstarter and the funds collected from backers. Some backers are hoping for a full investigation into the studio via the Washington State Attorney General's office. It makes sense, given the history of the Attorney General's office of pursuing shady Kickstarted deals. 

Players are taking to the Discord (as well as our own forums), compiling complaints by backers eager to see Soulbound Studios taken to account for the project itself. Reddit users are also stating that their complaints have been accepted against Soulbound, though exactly how that will proceed remains to be seen. 

With backers pledging millions to the project, and the release of a parkour demo putting many of those backers off since the MMO was shut down, it'll be interesting to see exactly how this proceeds - or whether the Washington State Attorney General's office will take up the case. 


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