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Chronicles of Elyria, After Months of Silence and Alpha, Has a New Updated Timeline for 2024 Release

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There is a new update regarding the status of Chronicles of Elyria from Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh. A new edition of “State of Elyria” is up for the new year, and it has both a recap of where things have been and a proposed updated timeline.

Considering the history of Chronicles of Elyria and the various delays, lawsuits, and periods of silence, it wouldn’t be surprising to consider this report with some reservations. The development focus was split back in 2016 into three different pre-alpha game experiences intended to eventually come together as the full CoE release. They have spent time in development on the three parts.

Prologue: The Awakening, ElyriaMUD/VoxElyria/Prelyria, and Kingdoms of Elyria are those three split experiences. The first covers the events prior to the start that shaped the state of the world, the setting, core mechanics, and basics. The second deals with the multiplayer elements like organizations, grouping, maps, communication, and trade. The third, Kingdoms of Elyria, was all about land management and settlement mechanics, building construction, features like economics and laws, and more systems. According to the new report, Kingdoms (which is available to some backers at specific tiers) is:

“the most viable candidate of the three testing experiences to be elevated to a stand-alone game. This is being done for the purpose of transitioning Soulbound Studios from a crowdfunding-based company to a retail-based company; and enabling us to finish development of CoE.”

The news of a standalone release isn't the first time, but the strong focus on it is clear. The long silences on development and the alpha are acknowledged, at least, with a commitment to at least quarterly public updates going forward. So where does this leave the overall development? After some alpha bugs and other issues with various elements taking much longer to develop, there is that once again revised proposed timeline again:

  •    KoE: Settlements: Late Summer 2022 (Estimated)
  •     KoE: Domains: Mid 2023 (Estimated)
  •     KoE: Online: Late 2023 (Estimated)
  •     CoE: Late 2024 (Estimated)

Once again, there is reason for skepticism as anyone that backed the game or followed the ongoing development, legal issues, studio layoffs and hiatus, and other phases of CoE since the initial Kickstarter campaign in 2016.

You can read the full report, including breakdown of all the development timelines, alpha, and plans over at Chronicles of Elyria.


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