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Chris Roberts: Star Citizen Won't Take '10 to 20 Years to Deliver'

Plus additional roadmap development insight

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a reply to a forum post, Chris Roberts of Star Citizen fame addressed concerns around the release of the game, and more.

He recognized the frustration shared by the community and noted that the team practices bottom-up task estimation. Additionally, he noted that management does not dictate timelines. They instead set priorities for the teams and follow the AGILE development process implemented across various industries.

Roberts also remarked on the length of development time,

“I sense from your reply to me that it's the time taken and priorities that you're frustrated with, as you feel like we're focusing on the wrong things..This is the game I've dreamed of my whole life. Now I am in a position to realize it, I am not willing to compromise it's potential because it is taking longer than I originally envisioned.”

He continued,

“I can promise you the gameplay I described is not a pipe dream, nor will it take 10 to 20 years to deliver.”

He concluded that he can’t promise exactly which quarter the game will come together, but points to the new roadmap web work and once that’s done, “you'll be able to see the teams progress to achieving what I describe in real time.”

You can read the entire lengthy post here.


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