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Chris Avellone Has Worked for a Year on Respawn's Jedi: The Fallen Order

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According to Chris Avellone's LinkedIn profile, he's been hard at work for nearly a year on Respawn's Jedi: The Fallen Order. He's worked on story, story and character reviews and cinematic scripts on Jedi: The Fallen Order and on another title that he teases will be revealed as "another big bomb in a month". This is great news for RPG and story fans as Avellone is one of the premier storytellers in the industry. 

Avellone has worked on such iconic games as Pre, Knights of the Old Republic 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 2, Tyranny, and the Icewind Dale series.

Interestingly, PC Gamer is reporting that Avellone's "bombshell" may not be a second Star Wars game from Respawn but may instead be hinting at a new Vampire: The Masquerade game. When asked by a Twitter user to "wink if it's a new V:tM game", Avellone wrote, "Shhhhhh --- also, the undead don't wink." Whether that's a confirmation or a denial is up to the reader.

We'll be keeping tabs on Avellone to find out exactly what the new project is as soon as it's revealed. In the meantime, Jedi: Fallen Order is due for release in late 2019.


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