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Chimeraland Will Add Underwater Housing, a Merfolk Event, and Faster Ways to Batch Devour Monsters

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 Chimeraland continues  focus on the ocean in tomorrow’s update, with the addition of the Merfolk, the ability to build a home underwater, and new sets including emotes. The update will also add some additional features and fixes.

The addition of Merfolk Hymn, a new treasure event, keeps up the aquatic theme. This event will run from September 23rd through October 27th.

The team released a preview video showing off some of the graceful Merfolk emotes, themed suits, and more, that you’ll have a chance to get. Additionally, you'll be able to build your underwater castle. Player housing, but make it underwater, is something that builds on what has come previously in this game. 

Several new and adjusted systems are in the update, including the new home blueprint system which will let you build and save your home. When you build and save your home to the Home Blueprint function, you'll be able to move your home to any location if you decide to change your strategy. You'll be able to move your home with one click and then reposition it wherever is safe enough.

There's also a batch devour function if you are finding it a little too slow to devour your enemies. There's a new weapon, the Locksoul Bow, that you can use to mark monsters for your pets to devour. Some of these changes are on the brutal side, but this is the type of game that Chimeraland is, building upon its devour and evolve mechanic. 

For those who want some additional interaction, the Gourmet Station and Food Station Home Tech, along with some fusion recipes will become available for you to cook and eat. These additional features help build the game up and add more stuff to do, which is in line with previous responses to received feedback.

For more on the update, head to Chimeraland.


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