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Chimeraland Update Will Merge Additional Servers, Add Content, and Fix Some Persistent Issues

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Chimeraland continues its next phase with a new update tomorrow that merges a couple of additional servers, and adds new content, and fixes some bugs.

This update to the global version will be out tomorrow, with downtime set for 6-9 AM UTC, and will merge four servers into two – 302, StormCliff and 304, JadeCoast will merge, and so will 502, DarkPlains, and 504, SkyotHill. This comes after prior server merges last month.  All of the servers merging this time around were included in last month’s merges, meaning that these new merges are a continued consolidation. These steps were taken to help expand the available population to play with, so further consolidation of the servers should help more active players to be around. 

The patch also adds some new content. One of the new available features is the ability to fuse Verto stones. Pet slots of the Spirit Orb tech are also now available to research and activate. Doing this will open and add two pet slots each time it’s done. 

Several optimizations and improvements are also in the patch, including some existing issues affecting notes and bounty quests. Fixing these should aid in opening up some progression for anyone that got stuck. The child velociraptor should be catchable after the patch, in case you’ve been looking to get one, or to skin it, as this will also be fixed. Another change will adjust the recruitment conditions for attendants. 

The team is also adding some new shop items, including noble and Illustrious Lava Blazewyrm Evolution Pills, a material blueprint gift package for Oriental Furniture, and some discounted Pet EXP luxury packs and more.

The Chimeraland team also announced that since they need more work, content That was supposed to be on the way, related to Carnivore Bloom and the Child Beasts will be delayed into the next patch.

You can read the full notes over at Chimeraland.


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