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Chimeraland Opens Preorders in Europe and North America Ahead of Planned Summer Release

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Chimeraland  is moving closer to launch, with the announcement by Level Infinite that the free to play title would release over the summer. Pre-registration has now opened in Europe and North America.

Due to be released across PC and mobile devices (Android and iOS), the game lets you catch, tame, and transform the creatures you encounter into a Chimera via a mechanic the team calls "Evolution and Devour". This means that maybe you want to combine a captured lion you’ve tamed and hope to give it a dragon tail. If you tame that lion and then successfully defeat the dragon, you can devour the vanquished and get the chance to graft one of its body parts onto your loyal mount. There is some luck involved, but there look to be a ton of possible combinations.

In the sandbox, there’s an emphasis on player decisions and exploration, with weapons that you can learn and also swap at will, and tons of animals in a 1,000km open world that you can impact. You’ll be able to build and change what’s out there. Yet what everyone will likely be talking about the most are the Chimeras you can create. You’ll be able to interact, tame, fight, and much more to create a horde of one of a kind beasts based on your successes and decisions. 

Pre-registration is available across all platforms, and in order to do so, you’ll have to visit the Chimeraland site in order to get started. Those who pre-register will get some starter items and earn chances to win more of them. There’s a campaign going on as well that could unlock bigger starter packs if enough people join in.

For more on Chimeraland, and to get all pre-registration info, including possible starter goodies, head over to the official site.


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