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Chimeraland Merges Several Servers and Sets the Rules for Keeping Your Homes and Names

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Chimeraland has merged some servers this week on its global version. The team has already merged them with this week’s update, and added an updated FAQ as to what changes with the moves.

A total of 10 servers that merged in pairs, leaving five merged servers after the process was done. Those who have logged in most recently have priority when it comes to housing and other potential overlaps. When it comes to the server merge terms, transactions, your clan or faction status or items you had should not be affected, but there were certain changes due to the server merge that could happen. One of the most potentially troublesome ones was the overlapping of players' homes. Because your data might end up on a plot that already had a house on it, there are some rules to cover who gets priority.

Players who logged in within the past two weeks are given priority and their home buildings are given priority over those who just have fields. Another priority status is given to players who have higher levels and higher build points in their home buildings. So if you took your time to build up your house and leveled, you have priority over lower point sites, should you have had the misfortune of your server merging into one that already had a home on the site.

A similar process applies to those who find their character or clan names match ones already taken on the new server. Active player characters and clans over the past two weeks have priority, but if they’re both active, then it will come down to level or registration order.

These merges should help the populations to be somewhat more robust and make communities (or battles) easier to have. For full details on the server merges and the rest of the update, head over to Chimeraland.


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