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Chimeraland Kicks off Ocean Events, As Devs Share Roadmap In Response to Community Feedback

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Chimeraland is starting off September with a focus on the ocean, with the Explore Chimeraland’s Ocean event going on now through the 14th, and the new Ocean Fishing event starting this week. 

The Explore Chimeraland’s Ocean event will run through September 14th, and this one is more of a community project event, where you can explore the ocean, create a screenshot or a video, and enter it in a competition for possible rewards if selected by the team. 

The Ocean Fishing event is an in-game participation event and will run from September 8-22nd. Participate in the event by fishing at any of the fishing points available, and you'll get a voucher. Take your vouchers to the aquarium in the Main City and find an event NPC, where you can exchange your vouchers for rewards. Event rewards include growth resources, the Captivating Zither weapon, new pets like the Hermit Crab, or even the Koi Mount.

The Chimeraland dev team has also published a letter to the community that lays out responses to feedback and their plans to address certain issues and some things we can expect to see roll out. 

Among these features is cross server matching, which  should help broaden the variety of the gameplay.

“It’s come to our attention that some travelers believe the current gameplay to be monotonous and repetitive and have expressed their hopes to experience more MMO gameplays. Therefore, we’re considering to introduce more Cross Server matching events, dungeon gameplays, Cross Server battlefields, and PvP events in the future”

Other things that are coming include localization quality optimization, addressing grinding, and optimizing the new player experience to make things easier to play, and seemingly give players an easier on-ramp into their progression journey with new enemies and gear opportunities.

They also address solo players, noting that there will be more content to help solo players keep up. Down the line, we should expect more world exploration improvements, more content, a catch up perks campaign for eventual returning players, and more quality of life changes, bug fixes, and working to fight cheaters and botting.

For more on the game, head to Chimeraland


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