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Chimeraland Guides Cover Life Skill Progression and How to Challenge Noble Beasts

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Following the global release of Chimeraland this month, the team at Level infinite is sharing new guides to help you make the most of your journey. First up, there’s a new video showing the important “life skills” and how progression works. There are also some new beast guides, including how to challenge Noble beasts, which is now possible.

Life Skills in Chimeraland are the building blocks of your character progression. There are eight skills to learn and level as you go. These are Gather, Cut Down (Woodcutting), Mining, Search, Refining, Processing, Cultivate, and Siege.

Gather, Cut Down (Woodcutting), Mining, and Search are skills that will help you improve your resource collection. Related to that are the skills that help you to create other objects. Those are Refining, Processing, Cultivating, and Sieging. Each of these main categories of life skills has unlockable skills. 

This is where you will spend your attribute points in order to strengthen those skills. Skills that are related to Gathering and resources are leveled by simply doing them. 

An example shown is in the Searching skills where you can put points into Bodybuilding, something called Training Master, and something called Star Study that comes with a constellation icon and an explanation that this unlocks something called Star Points and lets you upgrade your Star level. Certain abilities can also be learned and work together to make your experience simpler or more rewarding.

Speaking of rewarding, the blessing on Noble beasts is now broken and players can attack the giant beast roaming the world that have Blessed after their names. In order to do that you will have to get an item called the Breakthrough Seal. There are several types, and you can get some in the shop and others by completing Wrangle Giant Beast Clan quests, or by participating in the Home Protection event. When you use a seal, you'll be able to make a Noble beast vulnerable to attack. 

See the update over at Chimeraland for more details.


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