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Chimeraland Getting Closed Beta Next Week in Canada Ahead of Full North American Release This Year

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A free to play, open-world sandbox, Chimeraland has announced a closed beta for PC and Android in Canada. This is ahead of the just confirmed full North American release later this year on PC, iOS, and Android.

Chimeraland draws inspiration from Eastern mythology and incorporates a number of ancient beasts into its large open world. The creatures inhabiting the world mean a lot here, since you’ll be able to capture and tame them, and eventually create new chimeras. A process called the “evolution and devouring” system will be at the center of this, And you will be able to evolve new chimeras with different characteristics and abilities that come from the creatures used to create them as well as other aspects of the combinations.

Since this is an open world sandbox, you'll be able to explore the world  and build your own place in it. The wilderness is yours to transform and set yourself up somewhere, whether on land, at sea, or even in the sky. There are discoveries to be made, a series of weapons (and you can switch them when you want, so there aren’t rigid paths).

Of course, you will be spending a lot of time making your chimeras. When you tame creatures, they'll essentially become your pets and you can use the system to “devour” or “evolve” the creatures you tame. These systems will give those pets characteristics, different shapes, and abilities when you combine and decide which best fit your needs or how you want to play. There are no restrictions so any creature you see out in the world can be one of your pets and then be changed with the systems.

The closed beta will run in Canada only from May 12-17th. To sign up or to find out more about Chimeraland the game, head to the official site.


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