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Chimeraland Celebrates 10 Million Global Players, Launches Ancient Greece-Themed Event Featuring Chimeras

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Chimeraland is marking 10 million global players since its launch, and there’s a new Greek-themed event (featuring chimeras) beginning today.

Since the game launched last week, after a pre-registration campaign, the team announced that there have been 10 million global players for the open-world survival MMO. The Myths of Ancient Greece themed events series, starts today and will run through August 3rd. 

The new event features a special mythical beast–the Chimera–arriving in Chimeraland. If you complete event quests, you'll be able to get points that you can redeem for Greek statues, gear, and other rewards. The first event is called the Chimera Challenge and the event will run all day, but you can only claim your rewards once per day before it resets. When the event is running, tap on Encounter, then Random Giant Beast, and Beast of Calamity that will start you playing Chimera Match. If you complete this challenge you'll receive 400 points you can use during the event to exchange for loot. 

You will have to meet certain requirements in Meridian and Power in order to participate and take on a Chimera, which specializes in AoE attacks, so if you fight with a grous, splitting up is best option. The Chimera has a goat head, snake head, and lion head, all that you will need to avoid. Damage will be telegraphed with red circles on the ground, so keep moving and victory could be yours. 

There are two other events, Trials of Athena, which is a quiz. Answer correctly and you’ll get 40 points per question to use in the rewards shop. You can score up to 200 points a day in this event. The third event consists of ways to earn points via activities daily. By completing quests and opening activity chests every day you'll be able to earn up to 400 points. Everyone can earn up to 1000 points a day that you can use to exchange for things like Greek-style building materials, statues, including a sphinx statue. 

For more on the update and events, read the announcement at Chimeraland.


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