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Chimeraland Adds Medusa Portrait Dungeon, a New Event, and the Noble Dragon Horse Evolved Pet Option

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Updates and features are coming at a rapid clip for Chimeraland. The newest update adds the Medusa Portrait Dungeon Challenge, new egg refining and pet transformation features, the new Noble Dragon Horse evolved pet, and more.

Chimeraland’s key mechanics focus on being able to transform your pets via gaining a foothold in the open world sandbox and amassing victories that give you a chance at getting new body options for pets that you tame. The new systems here, including the pet egg refining, with new descriptions for the eggs, and fusion options in the pet transformation Elixir Maker, alongside UI tweaks to add transformation content only solidify this. 

Adding Medusa as an Attendant was the beginning, as the arrival of the Medusa Portrait Dungeon challenge will let you research to get the Medusa Portrait. Once you have that on your wall, tapping it grants you access to the dungeon. Take on that challenge for the chance to get Viper emblems as rewards. Get enough of these emblems and you can exchange them for an epic quality Pioneer Medusa Attendant to accompany you on your journey in the dangerous world.

The new Odd Art dungeon works similarly to the Medusa one. Research to get your hands on Odd Art, put it on your wall, and tap for dungeon access Here, your reward will be Moonlight Fruits, which you can exchange for epic level Pol as your Attendant.

There's a new event, Gods Assembly, which arrives to bring loot like themed suits, weapon skins, and more, including an Illusio Dragon Horse. The newest Evolved Pet, the Noble Dragon Horse, is unlockable by achieving a few steps. Start with your black horse and have it devour several specific beasts for the body parts you need to use an evolution pill that will give you the Dragon Horse. Luckily, the game gives you a black horse early on, so you've at least got one step done. 

For more, head over to Chimeraland.


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