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Chests of Rage and More Added to Sea of Thieves


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Crews of Rage update for Sea of Thieves brings an angry chest and more.

What are Chests of Rage? Rare describes it thusly,

“These chests are bursting with fiery fury which will be vented sooner or later! Perhaps there’s a way to cool down a Chest of Rage, or alternatively make it blow its lid. Remember, when you’re a pirate, every trap is also a weapon…”

You’ll be able to claim the Chest of Rage bounty voyages by talking to Duke in any tavern. You’ll be tasked with bringing back a Chest of Rage from The Devil’s Roar. Additionally the Molten Sands Fortress also offer Chests of Rage inside its vault. Just, you know, be careful.

A host of Ashen Rewards and new Emporium items are up for grabs as well in the latest free update.


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