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Check Out World of Warcraft Visual Updates to Arathi Basin & Warsong Gulch for v8.1.5

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The World of Warcraft team has been slowly working to update PvP battleground and arena maps over the course of the past couple of expansions. When v8.1.5 launches, two more will see some pretty sweet enhancements to graphics on both, though strategic gameplay elements will remain unchanged. YouTuber 'LeystTV" has produced these two videos showcasing the graphical updates both battlegrounds will receive.

Arathi Basin

Arathi Basin is located in the Eastern Kingdoms and is one of the most hotly contested areas in WoW lorewise. It is one of the older WoW PvP battleground maps, first added in 2005 with the v1.7.0 update. It features "domination" type gameplay with 15 players on each side working to secure several key locations including the Gold Mine, Farm, Blacksmith, Stables and Lumber Mill. The longer each point is held, the more points leading to a victory are accrued.

The goal of the remaster is to provide updated terrain and structural assets more in line with the Stromgarde and Undercity themes present via the Forsaken Defilers and the League of Arathor.

Warsong Gulch

Warsong Gulch is located in Kalimdor in the Ashenvale forests. It is themed heavily around Orcish and Night Elven themes with both the Warsong Outriders and the Silverwing Sentinels theoretically present. As with Arathi Basin, Warsong is one of the earliest battlegrounds in WoW having been added in 2005 with the v1.5.0 patch. It features teams of ten and is a capture the flag type battleground. The first team to capture the enemy's flag three times is considered the winner.


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