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Check Out This WoW Shadowlands Speed Runner Level From 10-50 In Under 3 Hours

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Oh yes, there’s a World of Warcraft speed runner who speed-leveled through Shadowlands beta from level 10-50 in under three hours.

The streamer in question ins MrGM (via Wowhead) who shared the following on Twitter

“New World Record? 10-50 /played 2hrs 53m Was boosted in TBC Dungeons; Ramparts 10-20 Botanica 20-50 I was in Chromie Time & the booster (level 50) wasn't. The Dungeon continued to scale for me but stayed at level 30 for him the entire time, which is the new Level Cap of TBC.”

Toward the end of his run, he was averaging one level every six minutes using the method he described. That’s pretty impressive no matter how one looks at it. In related news, you can now craft legendaries at multiple items in the Shadowlands beta. Additionally, check out our take on restarting the Shadowlands beta.


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