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Check Out the Scarlet Nexus Demo on Xbox - Available Now

Steven Weber Posted:
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Have you been waiting for the anime brain-punk RPG Scarlet Nexus? If so, and you’re an Xbox owner, you can hop into the game’s demo that released earlier this week. You can demo the game until the 27th of May.

If you own an Xbox One or an Xbox Series X|S and you’re interested in trying the upcoming RPG that follows Yuito Sumeragi, as part of the Other Suppression Force (OSF) as you battle mutated beings known as “Others” that hunger for the brains of humans. Luckily, to battle these dangerous enemies you will have your psionic abilities to aid you, along with several supporting characters that you’ll meet along the way.

In addition to the demo, an anime has been licensed by Funimation that will premiere July 1st, 2021, which will be just a few short weeks after Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus officially launches on June 25th.

Scarlet Nexus promises visceral psionic combat, an exceptional story, and power coordination with your teammates for truly devastating attacks. The game takes place in a futuristic Japan, but states that they’ve pulled inspiration from both western science fiction and some classic anime as well. Kenji Anabuki and Keita Iizuka from the Tales of Vesperia team are leading the charge, and many out there seem to have high expectations for what’s to come.

While the demo version is currently only available for the Xbox, the game plans to release on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Currently, the game is expected to run on the Xbox Series X|S at 4K and 60FPS, but it has been stated that the game will be Xbox Optimized, which means framerates could be “up to 120FPS” with “unparalleled load times” as per the official Xbox website detailing X|S optimization.


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