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Check Out Some Elyon Dungeon Gameplay From GStar 2020

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Over the weekend, GStar was held in Korea, showcasing some of the games being worked on by Korean and other Asian developers. Among them was Elyon: Ascent: Infinite Realm. During GStar over the weekend, we got a glimpse of some dungeon gameplay, showcasing more of the upcoming MMORPG.

As you'll remember, Elyon, the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm has been in development for a few years from Korean developer KRAFTON. With an overhaul to the MMO, as well as the name change, many, especially here in the West, have been curious as to what the developers have been up to lately.

Well, the team showcased some of the MMO's content during a segment at GStar, giving players a glimpse at dungeon combat. The stream is in Korean without subtitles to help if you don't speak the language, but the gameplay on display definitely looks good. 

The stream showcases gamplay from multiple perspectives as well, giving viewers  a good look at a few different playstyles as well. It's fast, frenetic, and makes ample use of particle effects, filling the screen with color, explosions, and more. It's definitely worth a watch if Elyon has been on your radar for a while. If you've been keeping up with Elyon, you might remember the team recently showcasing large scale battles and combat in a recent YouTube video.


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