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Check Out Pantheon's Shaman Abilities

Mastery system discussed, too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, Pantheon showed off the abilities of its Shaman in an hour-long live stream.

The stream touched on the Shaman abilities in addition to mastery abilities. In case you’re unaware, the Shaman is actually one of the healing classes in Pantheon. There are set to be three healing classes in total. But the Shaman is said to have healing over time abilities. Also part of the Shaman’s arsenal are some DoT offensive abilities, in addition to some CC abilities.

You’ll be able to earn mastery points through leveling up your character in addition to certain quests which will dole out points. Certain NPCs will also provide mastery experience when they’ve been defeated, though these NPCs will be rare.

The mastery system itself is a system which will allow you to continue improving your ability. Many of the abilities on hand are said to have three mastery levels with various costs per mastery tier. This is where the aforementioned mastery points come in.

Check out the full stream below.


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