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Check Out New World's Interactive Map And Explore Aeternum During This Weekend's Beta

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Amazon's New World Open Beta is in full swing, and the dev team has created its own interactive map of Aeternum to help players better familiarize themselves with the world during the test this weekend.

The map itself evokes the Age of Exploration style the MMO has been going for, looking like an old pirate map from...well..pick a pirate movie I guess. As you move your cursor over the map itself you begin to uncover New World's different locations, points of interest and more.

Clicking on a point of interest opens a sidebar that gives a bit more information about the location, such as Deadman's Cove, and even on some locations it'll pop out a YouTube video giving more information, such as the hamlet of Windsward. 

One thing notably missing from the map itself are indicators of where specific resources are, which the in-game map highlights quite well. However, the interactive map is a neat little way to familiarize yourself with New World while the test is ongoing, as well as something to reference when the MMO fully launches later this month. 


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