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Chat Interface, Engineering Feats & More Anchor Latest Development Cycle

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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A short piece has been posted on the Chronicles of Elyria site to showcase the most recent development cycle and what was accomplished in the current build. The letter provides a peek at the development of the game's chat system, a look at back end engineering to provide server stability and a bit about how the world is being fleshed out with cultural lore, information about tribes and much more. 

Speaking of the design guild, our quest this adventure was nothing short of the realization of the world. Whether it was working out the systems governing the enrichment of soil and the growth of plants, working with the content team to help define the cultural elements of tribes, or authoring the reams of data necessary to bring each biome’s flora and fauna to life, we rose to the challenge. And, trust me, at this point you can’t ask Souzou a question about deserts, forests, shrublands, or wetlands he hasn’t already researched.

Check out the full newsletter on the Chronicles of Elyria site.


Suzie Ford

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