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Changing Your Gender in World of Warcraft Will Be Free in Shadowlands

Moved to Barber Shop

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like changing your gender will soon be free in World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

The details arrive via an interview from Eurogamer with Executive Producer John Hight. In short, the team will move the gender swap option into the Barber Shop and out from behind the pay wall,

“A long time ago, we had the ability for players to go in - it was actually a paid service - and change their character. Much of that is now in the barber shop in the game, and as we were adding things up in Shadowlands, we realised, 'Gosh the only way you can change your gender in World of Warcraft is to go through this paid service.' And we felt like that's not the right message.”

John continued, explaining that this cannot be tweaked in a simple hotfix. It’ll have to be a feature that the team will need to work on and implement correctly,

“Unfortunately, we can't fix that right now but it is our intent with Shadowlands to take that out of being a paid service thing and [put it] in the barber shop. But that's not something we can easily hotfix - unfortunately we can't do that right now. It is something that we're going to have in Shadowlands itself.”

You can check out the full interview over at Eurogamer.


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