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Changes to Recruit-a-Friend Reduce Bonus XP Gains Going Forward

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For years, World of Warcraft players have been able to give a "leg up" to friends brought to the game through the Recruit-a-Friend program. Previous to today, recruited friends could gain 200% XP when playing with the recruiter. Due to changes in the leveling experience in 7.3.5, however, that XP boon is being reduced to 50%. "We are making these changes to ensure the XP boost doesn't upset game balance and undermine the experience, while still giving a significant XP boost".

Here are the full changes and remaining bonuses for the WoW Recruit-a-Friend program:

  • The XP boost has been reduced from 200% bonus to 50% bonus*, effective today, January 22, 2018.
  • If you’re already actively participating in the program, fear not! If you either sent or received an invite before the change went into effect today, once the invite is accepted you and your friend will still receive triple XP* (200% XP bonus) until the link between your accounts expires (90 days from the date the new recruit’s account was first created). Please note: RAF invites expire after seven days.
  • Heirloom gear XP bonuses will no longer stack with the RAF boost (i.e., the maximum XP boost you will see from today onwards is 50%). If you were already on the program, Heirloom gear will still stack.
  • All other rewards are unchanged and yours to enjoy:
    • Summon your friend once every 30 minutes.
    • 10% bonus reputation from kills that grant reputation.*
    • Level granting: for every two levels your friend gains while the accounts are linked, they can grant one level to one of your characters.
    • Recruiter rewards, including game time and epic mounts.

Learn more on the World of Warcraft community site.


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