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Changes To Beta Contest

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Due to popular disagreement at our recent contest rules we have decided to split our beta contest into 2 separate contests to provide fair drawing times for both sides of the Atlantic.  The following steps have been taken:

  1. There is a North American contest for 15 betas (20 tickets to be drawn - first 15 to claim will win)
  2. There is a European contest for 5 betas (7 tickets to be drawn, first 5 to claim will win)
  3. The new drawing time for the North American contest is 9PM EDT on October 15, 2004 (this is a later time than the original 6PM time - so those who don't get this notice or the email will not "miss" the contest)
  4. The new drawing time for the European contest is 5PM EDT (21:00 UTC/GMT) on October 16, 2004 (this is a day later than the original time of 6PM to ensure that no one "misses" the contest, you will just need to come back the following day!)
  5. All Europeans that were in the main contest have been automatically moved into the European contest...no action is required on your part.

We will be sending out email notices tonight to all those in the contests.  This message will go to your private email as well as your MMORPG.com mail account.  This message will inform contestants of these new changes.  Again, we have moved all the drawing times forward - so those that do not read this notice will not arrive to find out it is already over - that would have been unfair :)

We hope that these new rules will please the majority of our members.  We reached the 15/5 split based on the demographics of our registered members at MMORPG.com.

If you have any questions about these changes, please post them here.


Craig McGregor