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Changes Coming for the Brawler and Legendary Item Drops in Lord of the Rings Online

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest update for The Lord of the Rings Online will be hitting the server tomorrow after downtime. New changes include a few tweaks to the Brawler class and Legendary drops in instances. 

Brawlers have only been in the game for a short time, but now that the community has had a chance to play them there are some changes coming. One of the major changes is that the damage the Brawler does has been significantly increased to bring the class’ performance as DPS up to par. Another change is that the one the Brawler does a taunt, it will now make the Brawler enemy number one on the threat list. If you’re going to taunt, it should be effective, right?

There are other changes for the Brawler to toggle skills and particle effects that are less directly affecting gameplay but have also been fixed.

The changes to the Legendary item drops include a change to when these will drop from instances. Instances that you participate in will now only drop legendary items when you are playing an instance that is in your character’s general overall  level range. The level ranges will count as 50 to 85, 86 to 100, 101 to 105, and several more similarly distributed categories. Once you reach the character level 101 however, the expectation will be that Incomparable and Legendary rarity drops are only going to be happening if you play at the next level cap. So if you are 110 then if you are running an instance in the 115 to 119 difficulty, you will have a chance at these tiers of rewards. 

For more on this update see the notes at the Lord of the Rings Online site. This update will go live tomorrow after downtime ending at around noon Eastern time on Wednesday.


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