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Champions Online Players Will Soon Find Episodic 'Serialized' Story Content

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Champions Online team has posted a brief note to introduce players to "a new era in storytelling". Called Serialized Stories, players will experience an episodic storyline. The first episode is called Death Rattle and is the first "act of a four part experience". It is slated to arrive on the PTR later today. Once Death Rattle wraps up, a new serial will begin which may include "investigations, betrayals, twists and turns, and more".

This will be the first part of what we’re calling a Serialized Story. Death Rattle will have four Chapters, each released to the live server one at a time, on a regular basis. Each Chapter will contain one mission, which advances the story of the overall Arc. In Death Rattle, Ladyhawke contacts your hero because she’s heard of the Cobra Lords hitting targets, like major banks, that are usually way too much for them. They’re making a major deal at the docks tonight, and you need to sneak in and investigate what’s really going on.

Read more on the Champions Online site.


Suzie Ford

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