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Challenge Mode to Include Timed Battles

Suzie Ford Posted:
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ESTsoft has announced that the next major update for Cabal 2 will be called "Challenge Mode" that pits players against ever-increasingly difficult waves of monsters. These challenges will see players in familiar dungeons, but ones filled with new twists and challenges.

Along with rankings, players will be rewarded with the introduction of Runes as they complete each Challenge Mode dungeon. Runes offer players an increase in player stats and are upgraded to become even more powerful and useful through the Rune Transformation System. Additionally, warriors can earn Runes through challenge points, which are also given as a reward for completing Challenge Mode dungeons. Claim victory in the Challenge Mode dungeons to build a collection of Runes and gain the strongest of attributes.

Find out more on the challenge mode microsite on the Cabal 2 page.


Suzie Ford

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