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Chain Combos, Stun Enemies, and Strike With Black Desert Mobile's New Askeia Class

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Black Desert Mobile adds the Askeia class in today’s update. With her fast-paced martial essence-based combat, the latest class offers a calculated new way to keep enemies on the defensive and secure victory.

She wields two weapons, the Blast gauntlet, her main weapon, and the Martial Vambrace as her sub-weapon. When she uses both, she can not only strike fast and damage her enemies, she uses rapid combos that can catch enemies off guard and keep them there. She will start with four active skills and learn more as she levels up. With the introduction of the class is also a new title that you can earn when you reach level 10 with Askeia, “Banha’s Tears”.

She also gets a showcase that lets you see just how her skills work together and how important combos and speed are with this newest option for Black Desert Mobile. Martial Spirit is an important passive, offering her increased skill damage on Forward Guard, some damage reduction for herself, and another defense in preventing her from being grabbed when her MP is over 100. She can also get some HP recovery. 

Shadow Step and Deathstrike are two of her important skills. The first is a quick movement that you can use to get in close or to get away. Deathstrike lets Askeia move backwards to evade and then immediately counterattacks with a palm strike that also knocks enemies up into the air.  Fist of True Strength does not skimp on mobility. She punches forward and also moves quickly, applying Forward Guard and Rear Super Armor. Get your timing right and she can stun her enemies and chain combos. Further enhance combat and evade and getting back in again with succession skills Dragon Punch and Fury Dive.

The full Black Desert Mobile update also includes events to mark the Askeia release, and opportunities to get the new class off to a good start, along with additional rewards.


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