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CEO Talks Production Priorities, Poor Growth

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Heatwave CEO and Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Executive Producer Anthony "Romulus" Castoro recently took to the game's official forums in order to address what appear to be clear issues with the growth of the game's population, as well as the team's plans to address those issues in the very near future.

Castoro on the game's population situation:

As I have noted from way back in closed Beta, the economics of our game are different than those of most MMOs. We don't need 500k users to be successful. However, our current growth rate isn't good enough. The game deserves more people enjoying it and the three servers we have online aren't even sweating. I'm sure some of you are concerned about what that means for the future of the game, and so I'd like to assuage your concern. Heatwave and team are 100% committed to G&H. We believe in it and as you'll see in the list below, we are investing heavily in it and we will continue to do so.

Additionally, Castoro provides an outline of where the team's production priorities lie, outlining some of the changes and additions players can expect to hit the game soon, such as the addition of the Scout class, one of two new classes planned to be released post-launch.

Read the full announcement over at the official Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising forums.


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