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CEO Addresses Login Issue for RuneScape 'Everyone at Jagex is Taking This Incredibly Seriously'

Steven Weber Posted:
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The ongoing login lockout problem that RuneScape has been dealing with warranted a live stream earlier today, where a number of JMods, that included the Executive Producer Ryan Ward, Community Manager Liam Ashley, and CEO Philip Mansell, addressed the communities’ concerns.

In the live stream, Jagex CEO “Mod Pips” confirmed that the problem is a technical issue that the team has encountered on their end, and it isn’t something that players have done. He goes on to say that this has been the first time in 20 years that the team had an issue they couldn’t recover from “in a few hours”. While it’s hard to determine at this point how extensive this issue stretches, the entirety of Jagex is working on the problem.

"Fortunately the vast majority of players aren't affected, but regardless of how many  players have been impacted,  we know it's imperative to get you back in game as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Everyone at Jagex is taking this incredibly seriously."

-Philip "Mod Pips" Mansell, Jagex CEO

The bad news, is that it could take “a few more days” for the login lockout problems to be resolved. For those that have lost valuable in-game time, the team plans to provide some type of reparation for the downtime, but they insist at this time, getting players back in the game is their number one priority.

The team stressed multiple times how thankful they are to the community for their understanding, as Executive Producer Mod Warden teared-up when addressing the unbridled support that they’ve received from the players. According to Mod ID0 during the stream, the issue that caused the lockout happened during a “perfect storm” of unfortunate events that brought them to where they are now.

These events created a major bug that prevented both the live and backup systems from functioning. The issue began February 8th, which eventually caused the massive problems the team saw March 4th. In the meantime, the team has stated that fixing the issue will happen, but it will be a monumental task, as even some users who have gotten back into the game have noticed that they may be missing levels or other items – or have had progress rolled back altogether.

These issues have been so consuming to Jagex that Old School RuneScape's latest update has been postponed until the problems have been cured.

Lastly the team once again addressed concerns that entire accounts were lost. Mod Hooli confirmed that under no circumstances will entire accounts be lost. At what state players will get their accounts back, is another issue entirely, but support services will be available once players are back up and working, to make each account right. We’ll continue following the story as more information becomes available.


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