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Century: Age of Ashes Receives New Closed Beta and Early Access Dates

Plus new modes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Century: Age of Ashes, the free to play dragon multiplayer game, has received dates for a new closed beta and early access.

This next closed beta, running March 12-21, has been updated using community feedback and includes new matchmaking and game modes, improved controls, and a free flight system to allow new players to practice against the computer.

Player progress from the first closed beta has been reset, but all experience, earned currency, and unlockables gained during the second closed beta will carry on to Early Access. Speaking of Early Access, that’s been pushed back to April. The team wants to focus on quality with Pascal Barret.

Changes and improvements to matchmaking and game modes include:

  • Adding a MMR system to the queue to improve match balance and put same level players into the same games
  • ROOKIE mode will be only accessible until level 10
  • Adding a SKIRMISH mode: a best of 5, 3v3 game mode, that will replace the ROOKIE mode for level 10 players and above. All the controls will be available at the start of the first round.
  • A FREE FLIGHT mode will be available. You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the Dragon’s controls and play against an enemy bot.


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