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Celebrating Its First Anniversary

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Scarlet Legacy is exactly one year old and the development team has pulled out all the stops to provide players with lots of exciting birthday activities in which to participate. Players have a chance to win anniversary satchels and check out a special birthday edition map.

Birthday Gifts Galore!

Talk to the Anniversary Admin Joshua once a day to receive a Birthday Cake Hat Fortune Bag.  This appropriately named item will grant players a 24 hour Birthday Hat.  Joshua will also bestow players with one of three buff potions, which last for two hours, and give players the best buffs found in the game.

Limited Time Map!

During the anniversary celebrations, players can enter the Sealed Anniversary Field by asking Joshua for a teleport.  Inside, players will automatically obtain the Powers of the Anniversary buff, which greatly increases their max HP and Attack.  While these monsters provide no EXP or money themselves, by defeating these foes players will earn a Crazy Anniversary Bag containing Anniversary Cookies, Meals, and Candy.  These items can be traded, but don't eat them yet

Read more of the birthday events on the Scarlet Legacy site.


Suzie Ford

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