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Celebrate Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary in DC Universe Online With Events and a Free Bundle

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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DC Universe Online is marking Wonder Woman Day to mark the debut of Wonder Woman in DC Comics 80 years ago. The gifts for this celebration, however, are for everyone.

Starting today, October 21st, players can log in and grab a special Wonder Woman 80th anniversary bundle that contains all of the following items:

  •     Amazonian Warrior Chroma Pack
  •     Bombshell Wonder Woman's Aegis (back item)
  •     Champion of Themyscira's Shield (back item)
  •     Reforged Wonder Girl's Bracers
  •     Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary Emblem
  •     Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary Poster

If you're a member, you can also claim the Transparent Wonder Plane (accessory). All of these items, once claimed, will be account bound.

Marking this anniversary isn't done after the gifts have been claimed, however. The event will run through November 17th (also the last day to claim any rewards), and up through then you'll be able to play Save the Universe: Wonder Woman Classics. These instances, the third set of Save the Universe instances, following Superman Classics and Batman Classics. These offerings will let you play through three instances to claim some additional rewards. You'll get access to Raising Hades, a duo, Themyscira Divided, an alert, and Throne of the Dead, a raid where you'll face Ares.

There's also a special Wondrous Time Capsule available for Stabilizers or in the shop, where you can try your luck to get geared up in styles inspired by all things Wonder Woman and have a chance at a Nubia ally. Each capsule will give you a random gear piece, standard or enhanced, in your choices for every capsule you open. Other options include Wonder Woman emblems, collection rewards, and a chance at a Chroma Pack. A Wonder Woman doll accessory is yours for 15 capsules. Nubia will unlock at 25 capsules opened.

For more, visit the DCUO event page.


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