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Celebrate With Lucky Chocolates in Black Desert Online and Prepare to Join the GMs for Node War

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It's time for a new series of events in Black Desert Online, beginning with Lucky Chocolates.  If Valentine's Day is not your thing, there's always prizes and guild events, as well as a new invitation to join the GMs for a Node War. 

If you are in the Valentine's Day mood then today brings Lucky Chocolates. If you complete playtime challenges during the event you will be able to get the event item Box Full o’Love. Each challenge gets 60 Minutes of playtime and you can complete it up to 10 times a day to get tap to 10 rewards. The full event runs through March 9th but after February 16th maintenance you can start trading those event boxes as entries to participate in a raffle. You'll be able to see if you win by entering your boxes in to the raffle for prizes like a Dream Horse box, a Blackstar weapon box, or more. If you enter the raffle and don't win then you will receive in return an event item called Box Full O’Sweets. So you won't lose your rewards, they will just be converted to something you can trade for other prizes.

There are two  events of interest to guilds as well. First up is the “This is not a drill, it's a Guild Drill!” event, where you can complete guild missions during the event time, which runs through February 16th before maintenance. If you complete missions you will receive Guild blueprint for a drill.  The Guild drill can help your guild excavate from the Desert of Valencia so if you have any interest in your guild base having this important tool, the event is here for you.

Also of interest to guilds, the Pearl Abyss team is looking for guilds to join up for Node War with next week.This kicks off on February 15th in the EU region and day two is on February 16th. The first set for North America will begin on February 17th and the second day will be on February 18th. The GM's will start making surprise appearances on node war servers but you can call to their attention by having a guildmaster post a recruitment message in the find party menu and tag one of the GM's.

For more on this event  or the Valentine's event, head to Black Desert Online. 


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