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Celebrate the Year of the Tiger With the Lunar New Year Event in Guild Wars 2

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The Lunar New Year event is coming back to Guild Wars 2, this time beginning on January 25th, 2022 to mark the Year of the Tiger.

The event takes place every year, so expect returning features for the event that will happen at the Crown Pavilion in Divinity's Reach. This event generally has a few new features per year but ArenaNet hasn’t yet outlined what’s going to be new and different about this round. But you should expect something new too.

Some of the returning features you should expect are the Dragon Ball arena, which is a PVP activity that is based on dodgeball. Five players on each team spawn with only the Dragon Sphere skill and 10,000 health. There are health orbs around the arena but player kills are worth 20 points and a hit will do 1500 damage. The first team to get 500 points will win. Move around the arena and take out the other team in order to reach your goal and take the achievements and prizes.

The Celestial Challenge features 12 activities each based on a different sign of the zodiac. If you can get through all 12 activities, you can take some rewards like Chests of the New Year and Chest of Fortune. If your mount is your most trusted companion, there are also mount races too. Adventures like the  Firecracker Lightning events where you have to run around Divinity's Reach and light firecrackers through the districts to celebrate. You can use your mounts or a glider to get around and light all the firecrackers you can.

The arena team is preparing for the launch of End of Dragons next month, so this event is your chance to get some new prizes and celebrate the Year of the Tiger before everything becomes all about the dragons.

For more, see the event announcement over at Guild Wars 2.


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