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Celebrate the Primal Matrix with a Free Level 50 Character

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The WildStar team is excited about Wednesday's launch of Primal Matrix, its brand new end-game progression system. Being twitterpated shows too with today's announcement that will see all players who log in at launch receiving a free Level 50 character. According to the developer blog, this is a one-time offer.

New 50s will receive a full set of DPS gear with support gear in the bag for those who may want to tank or heal. In addition, all rewards normally given during Path leveling will be included as well as a mount, a Protostar Housing Teleportation Unit and Capital City Transmat Coordinates.

You can check out the full post on the WildStar site or head straight to the guide for new 50s.


Suzie Ford

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