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Celebrate The Elder Scrolls Online's 8th Year With the Anniversary Jubilee Event

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The Elder Scrolls Online is marking its 8th anniversary with the return of the Anniversary Jubilee event. Be prepared to grab a free Jubilee Cake Voucher Quest and rack up the birthday rewards. There are new additions to the celebration this year to discover as well.

The event begins on April 7th at 10 AM EDT and runs through April 19th at 10 AM EDT.. When the event is running, get the quest from the Crown store and you'll get this year's Jubilee Cake when you complete it. When you eat a slice of the cake during the event, you'll unlock a 100% XP boost for 2 hours. 

Complete a number of daily quests to get special Anniversary Jubilee gift boxes. Some of the daily quest options include daily Delve and World Boss quests, dungeons, Trials, crafting writs, Alliance War and Battlegrounds. If you're lucky enough to get these boxes, they may include rare crafting materials, recipes, outfit style oages, crafting materials, or this year new items like the fragments for the Aurora Firepot spider pet and an outfit style page for the Saberkeel Armor Style. If one of your boxes on any given day gives you the amor style page then the next box you open will give you the fragment for the Aurora Firepot Spider.

The first bite of cake each day also gives you 3 event tickets per day, which you will be able to trade with the Impresario  for rewards, including more Saberkeel Armor Style pages. The Aurora Firepot Spider Instructions are also available here, for you to use to combine the pages for the pet. Other options include a Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear, featuring older anniversary items, and more.

After the event is over,  the Aurora Firepot Spider Instructions will be available for the same ticket price, this way if you collect enough fragments to trade for the rest of the spider you'll be able to put it together even if you don't get all of the pieces during this event. This event also is the first time you'll be able to begin to get fragments for the Aurielic Quasigriff mount, with the final fragment in Q2.

For the event details, head over to The Elder Scrolls Online.


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