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Celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Guild Wars 2 on August 25

Anniversary rewards and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Eight years of Guld Wars 2 is coming up on August 25, and ArenaNet has planned a live stream for this milestone event.

The live stream is set for August 25 at 9a PDT, and you can watch on the official Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels. As with every year, anniversary gifts are ready and on-hand. For example, birthday gifts will be available in the form of backpack skins, weapon skins, and full armor sets. For a full list of what you can potentially receive, check this page.

Account rewards are available including an Amulet of Celebration, a new Title (Dedicated), an anniversary armor pack, two anniversary weapon packs, an anniversary backpack pack, and a guaranteed wardrobe unlock.

Character rewards will include a birthday card which awards 5000 karma when you consume it, a dedicated dye kit, two black lion statuettes, two birthday boosters, and five Teleport to Friend tokens. You can check out all the details on this anniversary event right here.


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