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Celebrate Old School RuneScape's 8th Birthday This Month

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Old School RuneScape turns eight later this month, and you can celebrate too.

In fact, there’s a birthday party being thrown by Duke Horacio of Lumbridge. But something isn’t quite right and you’ll need to step in and help. Head over there and speak with the Duke. Helping him out will see you rewarded with a Cursed Banana which you can wear, in addition to a Banana Cape.

Additionally, a bunch of Last Man Standing items have been added to the collection log:

  • Halos
  • Deadman Armour
  • Swift Blade
  • Guthixian Icon
  • Special Attack recolours
  • Victor’s Capes
  • Weapon paints and upgrade kits
  • Granite Ornament and Handle

The team has also implemented some changes to make Last Man Standing a bit better. If you leave the match before it’s finished, you’ll receive a strike. If you get three strikes, you’ll be banned from joining competitive and High Stakes games until the following day. You can read the full details here.


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