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Celebrate Halloween in Ragnarok Online By Helping Jakk and Taking on the Corridor of Phantoms

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Ragnarok Online is celebrating Halloween and bringing back more events with the latest event update.

The weekly maintenance is happening today but once that's done, get ready for a variety of things to do. Halloween will begin, Corridor of Phantoms is back, and the Homeward Bound event has been extended. It's a series of festivities and ways to have fun and sometimes walk away with some pretty great loot.

Halloween is coming to Niflheim with all the festivities. But for Jakk's Big Adventure will let you help Jaak to get on track and help him. You'll be able to take on a quest daily and some of the prizes include Cookies Bat, Pumpkin Decorations, and Costume Jakk.

There's a lot more to be discovered, as several other chapters will open up as you explore and there will be lots of tasks and rewards too. There's a whole series of rewards available if you get through the various chapters and claim coins and candy to exchange for some items, including buffs of all kinds.

Corridor of Phantoms is a returning instance with three floors full of familiar monsters, all with heavily boosted XP, stats, and skills.  These skilled up monsters won't drop the usual items but instead something called Flowers Left by Phantom. Get 10 of these and you'll be able to exchange them with the Phantom's Spirit for a mystery prize, which could be cards. 

Free players will be able to enter once every three days, with members able to enter daily for an hour. You'll need an item to enter though, Phantom's Seal or Phantom's Invitation, which will be available as well.

Homeward Bound also continues, with its 50% boost to EXP and 25% boost to drops. This doesn’t have an end date, while the Halloween event and Corridor of Phantoms will only last until November 18th. You can find out all the event details here.


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